Laser Wart Removal

Laser Wart Removal Zap Your Wart™ is the laser wart treatment of SOMA Skin & Laser, New Jersey's premier dermatology practice. Warts can be disfiguring, painful, and difficult to treat. Although there are many treatment options for warts, laser is often successful where other treatments have failed. Even hard-to-treat plantar warts can be treated this way. At SOMA Skin & Laser, your wart will be evaluated by a board-certified dermatologist and the most appropriate treatment chosen. This may include cryosurgery, laser therapy, electodessication, and topical and oral medications.

Warts treated include hard-to-treat ones, such as plantar warts, warts around the fingers, genital warts, and facial warts.

Molluscum contagiosum is a type of wart often encountered in children, but it can effect adults as well. Molluscum contagiosum warts can also be treated safely and effectively with the pulsed dye laser. Other treatment possibilities include cantharidin, cryosurgery and topical and oral medications.

Most insurance plans are accepted. So contact us and Zap Your Wart today. Call 973-763-7546 for an appointment, or use the appointment form.

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